Work / Life Balance

Once you get caught up in the daily grind, it can start to feel impossible that there is such as a thing as work/life balance. Businesses expect you to respond to emails and questions from teams in Europe and Asia at all hours of the day. Projects take longer than expected because clients constantly change their minds. What it is difficult to notice, when you are in this trap, is that you can say no. A large part of success is being able to not only set deadlines, but to create limits and a scope.

If your goal is to make more time for a personal life without sacrificing your career goals, you can do it. Believe it or not, the more time you make for yourself, family, and friends, the more productive and rested you will be during working hours. You have to maintain an emotional balance to be successful.

To achieve an emotional and work/life balance, you have to realize it is about the quality of the time you spend on each. If you regularly work a 60 to 80 week, the quality of your work likely suffers because you are giving time in quantity, not quality. Pay attention to your work habits. If you are zoning out and spending more time chatting than working, that is counterproductive. That is the time that should be going to your personal life. Simply showing up and sitting at your desk is not working. If you spend a lot of time obsessing about work while you are off the clock, that is not quality time in your personal life.

Time management is a vital aspect of developing your work/life balance, and it requires you to see how others feel about the time you are putting into these areas. If you feel that you can only give 75% this could be a time management issue. However, if your boss is incredibly pleased with your work, odds are you are being too hard on yourself. It’s even easier to find out from your family and friends if they feel you are giving them more of yourself, or if too much of you is going into work.

Work/life balance requires you to pay attention to how you function both at work and at home. To be more successful in both areas, you need to give an equal amount of quality time to each.

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